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Porn sites have become overrated in today’s frenetically growing users of the internet. Every day, people try to find something new in order to experience new things in their endeavor. It’s really interesting to think that there really are a great pool of souls out there who seek to dig deeper in the excavations of finding new porn instruments in the cybernetic world. They are usually those who appreciate art even in the context of erotica. When you are one among those deep sea seekers, I would suggest you pay MET Art a thorough visit.

A Brief Synopsis

MET Art is one of the premium sites in the pornographic niche. It is considered to be the best by many expert porn analysts. The merits of the site are ought to have been ascribed to it through its never-ending innovations since the dawn of its beginning back in 1999. Through the years, METArt was able to build a solid stable of the finest porn collections that incorporate both films and photographs for a wide array of categories. Today, the site has garnered millions of members from across the globe, making it one of the biggest porn sites in history.

Getting a Closer Look Inside Met Art

There’s always strong reasons behind the success of porn sites and METArt is not an exception to that reality. It didn’t automatically become a hit in the industry for its targeted audience just by simply being present in the web platform. Just like any other successful site would do, MET Art’s creators made sure that they inject only the best porn contents gleaned from an eclectic number of sources. While they have contents legally acquired from the finest harbor points, they also make sure that they have their own originals enforced into the hub, reinforcing more value into the site’s entirety. For a cheap subscription rate of 19.99 dollars per month, you are able to the following:

  • 1.3 million high resolution photographs from 12,500 photo sets-1,043 movies, both short clips and fully reeled films-2,764 best models in the industry

In addition, the site uses only the best photographers who exhibit indubitable passion in capturing erotic imagery. Ultimately, you can download as much as you want from the MET Art database. Enjoy!

College Rules Discount

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You will be reminiscing in more ways than one when you get a load of College Rules. When you are in your teens, it is the time of your life when you are curious as to what sex feels like. It is a good thing there are a lot of people from the opposite sex in your college who feel the same way. This is where it gets fun as you should really take advantage of being young by attending a lot of college parties. A lot of students eventually get drunk and that leads to something that is a lot better.

College Rules is supposed to be user submitted but I find that hard to believe since some girls tend to be really hungry for sex. There are 88 videos and each one has a corresponding photo set so you have 88 galleries as well. The good news is all the videos offer an HD download option so jacking off to these beautiful ladies has never been this much fun. You can also stream and download them in different formats. It would be nice to stream them so you would not have to wait too long before jacking off to these gorgeous co-eds.

Unfortunately, there is no bonus sites in sight so you just have to be contented with the main content which isn’t such a bad idea. There is no advanced search either so the basic search tool will do. The updates are pretty infrequent as you won’t know when the next one will come. It is a good thing the current content at the website is good. They are all business when they suck the airhead’s cocks right down their throat. There is indeed nothing like seeing these nasty amateurs get naked and have some fun like there is no tomorrow. Some videos start with a drinking game and it ends with all of them getting naked and having sex. Some girls get into it with each other but that does not mean they are lesbians.

In fact, they do it for foreplay action in preparation for nailing a dude. This is no school project but these College Rules girls sure know how to please an audience as they do it for a cash prize of $5,000. We never really know who wins the prize but we all win in seeing these girls insert that tiny cock into their pussy and pump it real hard.

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As a young kid growing up, you can’t blame yourself if the first porn magazine you got to put your hands on was not Hustler or Penthouse but Playboy magazine. Playboy TV is an extension of the website as there is a mixture of girls here from celebrities, amateurs to the playmates we have all grown to love. There are 1815 shows here that contains 78 shows and they have different themes but it is no secret all of them will get you excited in more ways than one.

There are hidden camera Playboy TV shows, instructional videos, on location shoots and much more. The premise of these shows turns out to be creative as there is this show called Foursome where two girls and two guys are locked up in a mansion and there are cameras spread out in the mansion. Everyone is waiting to see what is going to develop between the participants if anything will at all. They also take fun in some unpredictable activities where you won’t know what the result is going to be until it is over. Of course, some sex happens and it is not only girl on guy but girl on girl too.

The updates come often as Playboy TV has been updated 24 times in the past month. In fact, you can check out some bonus movies while waiting for an update. There are video stills here but no galleries as they put an emphasis on the videos and not the pictures. You can also sign up for other sites at discounted prices. The videos here used to be only streamed since Playboy has been around a long time. But now, they can be downloaded and most of them are in HD format.

This website is certainly worth joining due to the hotness of all the girls here and the quality of the videos.

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Acrobats are known all over the world for their amazing abilities at doing stuff normal people cannot. They flip, jump, contort, and show incredible athletic abilities. Now there is a new breed of performers called Anal Acrobats who are just as thrilling to watch. “Don’t believe me?” then read on.

First thing you will notice when you visit this site is the immeasurable pleasure the gals derive from all their anal activities. When a performer is enjoying his or her self while performing for the audience (you), the material is bound to be more intense and thrilling. This is exactly what Anal Acrobats provides you.

Those who love the “female rear” will definitely appreciate the action that goes on inside this site. Deep inside the archives and galleries of the site, you will watch huge sex crazy studs expand wonderful tight gals. The anal action does not stop there. There are scenes that have toy play, veggies, fisting, spreading, gapping, creampie, beads insertion and many more. You will be flabbergasted by how much abuse those nice tight holes can take and how much pleasure you get from watching all this happen.

When you sign to become a member of Anal Acrobats, you will have access to over 449 movie scenes and over 240 photo set galleries. Thank goodness, there are no limitations when it comes to downloading content. The movie formats offer you HighDef playback quality to enjoy. Movies generally run for about 35 minutes or so. Pictures are easily accessible and are crisp thanks to the High Res quality they were shot in. One slight issue with the erotic site is the rate of their updates. They do not flow in fast and frequent as many would like. To smooth things over with the members, this network provides bonus sites. These sites belong to the High Class “EVIL ANGEL PORN NETWORK.” You can see more diversity and variety with the aid of these sites.

No more low quality anal play that leaves you unsatisfied. No more complicated sites that eat up your time, effort, and money for absolutely nothing. If the best anal action on the internet is what you seek, Anal Acrobats is the site you need to visit right now!

Exploited College Girls Discount

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College gals are so sexy. Their tight firm bodies are always so full of energy and sexual allure. These beautiful young ladies have enrolled for some higher education. On Exploited College Girls, these gals get a different sort of education. The type of education that goes on here is the type that involves lots of sex. The dudes go from one university to the next all over the USA to film lurid sex with amazing coeds. The sexual action is filmed in various camera angles.

For most of the content on Exploited College Girls, the theme is very similar. There is a horny dude and there are sexy coeds willing to blow and get pounded in front of the lens. The final piece of the puzzle is you, the viewer. This is a site that employs a minimalism approach towards site design and features. This means you will not be wasting time tinkering and trying to navigate through the site because it is simple. This extra time will be spent looking at coeds contort as they are pleasured deep by huge dicks.

Little neat thumbnails will tease your “coed porn cravings” with previews of material on the site. There is also a model info page you can check out. As you read this, the number of movies and pictures on Exploited College Girls stands at 334+ and 312+ respectively. There are videos that run for almost 70 minutes regardless of whether you are downloading or streaming them from the site. Unfortunately, there is also a download limitation of 25 GB per day. Exploited College Girls has all the major movie formats including wmv, flv, mpeg, and mp4. One set of photos has 100 pictures. There is a handy ZIP pack file to enable you to save High Res images of sexy coeds on your computer.

This awesome site has a certain “amateurish theme” visible in most of its material. If this is something you can appreciate then you are definitely in luck. The fantastic coed fornication that goes on inside the walls of Exploited College Girls includes such things like Live Cam Shows and bonus sites (NET VIDEO GALS and BACKROOM CASTING COUCH).

The niches covered by this site include facials, POV, penetrations, threesome, lesbian, etc. Basically, anything sexually hardcore that the coeds can endure and do is featured on this site. If you cream all the time when somebody mentions young sexy coeds, you should definitely check out the girls here.

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Loneliness, it has always been natural to me. I am the type of you guy you wouldn’t really want to be with. Well, you know how contagious loneliness can be. It stems from one person and then it spreads to another. It’s not a terminal disease. It’s like cancer. If you let it loose, it continues to propagate like damn bastards. That’s why the only real company I’ve had is the porn industry, not that they know about it. And since I’ve met Burning Angel, my life has totally changed in the greatest of ways.

Why I love Burning Angel

If you’re the lonely type like me, you could really use someone to chat with. Burning Angel should be the perfect place for you. Why? It’s not just the usual porn site. It’s the kind that allows members to interact with each other. And yes, you guessed that right, there is a chat system integrated into the mix. So, congratulations to us.

Other Things to Love About Burning Angel

Unlike other porn sites, the contents of Burning Angel are purely magical. The women have the angelic beauty by the visage while possessing that totally wild attitude. You know, sucking cocks and being fucked. And luring guys to fuck them. Wouldn’t that be a pleasant experience? For now, there are over 734 videos that are set to high quality picture projection. Each of the videos are downloadable.

On top of that, there are bonus site, photo galleries and the features that you sure wouldn’t want to miss. All of that for a price of 9.95 dollars per month. Join the angelic community and get to aid that loneliness with maximum sexual hedonism.

Digital Playground Discount

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The Oscars is about to come and I really hope that this time, Leonard DiCaprio will finally get to claim his medal of unwavering fortitude. I’m referring to an Oscars Award. Speaking of, even the porn industry is show business itself and just like that, it has its own awarding ceremonies, too. Not that they are really advertised much, but you will notice that there are sites that actually garnish awards that credit them for being meritorious in, well, providing high quality porn experience. And today, the one that’s got the limelight is none other than Digital Playground.

I’m a really big porn fan and I cannot deny the fact that Digital Playground has really proven itself worthy over all the times that I’ve watched explicit content through it. Every visit to the site is like magic in a way that it sort of invokes profound feelings. I know it sounds just way too emotional for a porn site, but that’s the truth. It’s like a real kid’s playground where you get to enjoy the activity in an emotional depth rather than just the superficiality of everything. All the contents are purely mastered, not just thrown into air and diced up on the ground to create a whole new breed of whack job.

Digital Playground as a Multi-Award Winning Porn Hub

Digital Playground has been around in the industry for over a decade now. It proves for a fact that practice makes perfect. Even before then, back to when its inception, the site has really been exceptionally creating porn contents that are unlike any other. First of all, the actors are just very professional. They are able to follow through the script like they are not following a script. You know, natural. On top of that, they know how to deliver their bodies that even when some of them are not the perfect models, they are able to exhibit themselves in a purely pleasing way, making a man bone that thing up. Another thing is that the length of the videos are just fit — not too long and not too short. Just enough to really juice you up throughout the day … or night.

Being a Part of the Community

Registering to the site means getting access to over 2689 remastered videos. You can watch each at 1080p if you like and you can download them for convenient masturbating materials. The price is only $9.95 for a month’s membership while a whole year of subscription is at a cheap rate of $119. Join Digital Playground and experience porn like no other.

Rocco Siffredi Promo Code

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Rocco Siffredi is a well-established porn site that is above average, but not anything that is going to stand out. First off, the site has a bit of everything on it, and it is not a niche site. There are many videos on the site, right now they have one thousand and five hundred different videos. This is amazing considering that this is not a load site where they gather other sites’ work, this site films all of their own movies and then puts them out there for you to enjoy.

Speaking of filming, all of these videos are shot in the standard high definition. This means that they are easy to turn into DVDs, which they have three hundred currently for sale. Also, they have a remarkably large stable of porn stars on this site, right now they have fourteen hundred, and you will not see them in the same movies over and over. They also have a huge assortment of pictures, over eleven thousand right now. The site has a nice layout, with all of the popular videos up top and all of the best rated filed beneath those.

Rocco Siffredi has an active fan club that comes with the forum on the site that gives you access to other material and chats with the various stars. Perhaps the biggest drawback of the site is that Rocco, aka The Italian Stallion, prefers to star in his movies and his presence is nothing short of distracting and a little bit of a mood killer. He is louder than the women half them time, and he has an annoyingly large ego.

Joining the site is simple enough once you get to the membership page. You will have the option to pay by the month or by the year. The month long membership charges $29.95, which is just about right for a site this large. For a full year you will only need to pay ten dollars a month, which is a pretty good deal. Overall the site is worth looking at, and if you like what you see on the first visit, then you should consider buying a membership.

Backroom Casting Couch Discount

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Backroom Casting Couch is a specialty site that is based on the premise of job interviews turned to sex. Now, everyone knows the old joke that is almost as old as the internet regarding a white, windowless room with a leather couch and a desk. This site is a lot like that, without the pretentiousness of telling you that they are interviewing for anything other than a job in the realm of adult entertainment.

Of course all of this is fantasy, but they still manage to have some decent porn. Essentially this site has porn star tryouts, where all of the young, hot girls show the people who run the websites what they can offer in exchange for being given a job. As a result, there are a variety of wonderful niches that are available on this site, ranging from anal to ebony and everything in between. For those who like to look at amateur girls doing all different kinds of sexual acts,this site is perfect.

There are numerous girls, and you are not going to see the same girl twice on this site. The layout of the website is quite interesting, with just a wall of women telling you exactly what you are going to be seeing them do. There really is no way of sorting these except by popularity, and there is not a great deal of self-advertising on this site. At first glance, it is nice and the video quality is high.

You are not going to see some grainy amateur video that is shot like a voyeur. Everything is shot in 1080p high definition, and they do not tolerate low quality shots on the site. That is the good part, however, as the site suffers from a severe lack of creativity that they try to make up for by offering you access to two other porn sites for joining.

In order to join you go to their membership page and be prepared to pay $24.95 a month. The problem is that this is the price for a standard porn site, and Backroom Casting Couch really does not offer more than one hundred videos. The site is solid, but whether it is worth the money is the biggest decision that you are going to need to make.

Buttman Promo Code

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Butts butts everywhere, which one would you kiss? Well, Buttman is well known for its extensive display of butts, varying from small petite butts to big, huge butts, all under one banner. Buttman is a part of the Evil Angel network and it pretty much lives up to its name, especially, when you have so many asses to admire. Without further ado, let’s delve deeper into the heart of the butt and see what else it offers to its loyal viewers.

With your exclusive membership, you get access to 781 videos, each of which is available for download as well as in a streaming format. The girls on Buttman are a tease, as they parade around the whole video, showing off their big, round booties to the people who are in love with such body parts.

While the parade is a normal part of the routine, you can any day expect women playing with her big wide asses, which includes putting things right into their butt holes, or moving around here and there, doing dirty things which will make you crave for some action yourself. There are a lot of ass fucking scenes as well, so that you are never short of any good action. The idea behind the whole filming process is to ensure that you are getting what you paid for, butt fucks and oodles of sex videos.

The videos are further on accompanied with a set of 316 picture galleries, each of which offer you lots of inside scoops of the videos. With so much action going around, who would want to let go of the Buttman membership?!

Fucked Hard 18 Discount

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Does the idea of 18 year old blondes, brunettes and redheads being fucked make you leak in your pants? If so, then you are at the right place, where every wild fantasy of your will come true, making you want more and more with every scream, moan and fuck. Couple this up with some hot massage scenarios and you have a winner on your hands. Imagine a situation when a hot babe is undressing in front of you, and then craving for a hot massage along with a steamy session of sex. Perfect, isn’t it?

When unsuspecting hot teens agree to strip and spread their legs on a massage table, you know you have it all. This is what Fucked Hard 18 is all about; some of the most beautiful American women have been featured in these videos which are uploaded on a daily basis on this website. The content is superbly exhaustive and it’s bound to make you rub your dick more times than you would like.

  • A different themed porn website where the videos and pics are totally going to blow your mind off.
  • Host of beautiful American chicks, getting way more than a massage on the table.
  • All types of women, right from red heads, brunettes, Latinos, tattooed chicks to little demure, big chested women, all craving for a little more action with their pussies.
  • Each video has a similar format, so some of the moves will get predictive after a while. However, that should not deter you from taking full pleasure of the scenes.
  • HD quality movies which will make you feel like seeing the real thing happening right in front of your eyes.
  • Each of the HD videos come with an inbuilt option of downloading; download all your favorite clips in the format best supported by your system so that you can relive your pleasurable moments from time to time.
  • Each video is accompanied with its own unique photo gallery; you can check out the photographs before actually going into the videos.
  • Last but not the least, there is an option to find out your own personal interests via the extensive navigational bars; scroll through the content to pick and choose the movie/gallery which tickles your fancy. You can even sort through the content basis the model’s name or the episode name etc

When you’re checking out Fucked Hard 18, you know it for a fact that you are getting way more than you could have ever bargained for. The series of movies and scores of pics are the best of the lot and offer you something more than you would ever get in any other porn website.

Blacks on Blondes Discount

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Blacks on Blondes membership automatically grants you access to more than 390 videos that brings to you black dudes that have made it their passion to hungrily fuck any white pussy that they might come across. Most of these white chicks are teens and are always amazed at the huge cocks that the black dudes wield. In some instances they are not even sure if the cocks will fit into their tiny pussies and mouths. Majority of the videos feature well known pornstars and be sure to locate your all-time favorite pornstar here.

Depending on your preference, you will have access to a variety of beauties in different shapes and sizes and in some instances come across black girls also in action and they appear to be teaching the white chicks how to tame the beastly nature of the black dudes. Although quite a different promotion that the mr skin discount offers, this network is a bargain. Apart from the immense number of material available to you, you will also be able to leave feedback, rate the specific content, employ the use of a more detailed option, access live cams,peruse through interracial stories and discover fantasies made up of 3D chicks and interracial cartoons.

By joining the Blacks on Blondes site, you will access 22 sites offered by the Dogfart Network and include sites such as Gloryhole, CumBag, and many more others. These bonus sites add up the number of scenes such that you will be able to access more than 3,000 scenes and 561,000 pictures. Updating takes place daily all through the entire network so be assured to always have something new for you continued entertainment.

The videos are of great quality and they also have medium quality videos for slower connection speeds. All the image sets are available in high-res. The only negative thing that can be said about the site is that its member’s area is pretty basic when side by side with Reality Kings, but one does not join a site because it has a fancy member’s area. Blacks on Blondes is fantastic and if you want to see some excellent fucking, joining should not be an option.

Mr Skin Discount

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The Mr Skin member’s area is full of content and you have to be very cautious not to miss out on some material. You will have plenty to go through hence be prepared to spend quite a considerable amount of time here.The content is mostly hardcore clips taken films and TV, although you will also come across even more hardcore movies. The site has been operational since 1999 and is still growing daily.

The homepage is great but has fewer advertisements. You will have access to lists and search options and every other possible way to aid you in locating your favorite models and material. Playlists are also at your disposal where you will find clips accompanying certain themes for example Hotties Getting Hosed or some naked celebs. If you want to be at par with what is current and performing well, then their homepage is your place to check out.

You can opt to link into the Mr Skin adult blog then peruse into the celebs page where you will find an excellently arranged category to your left. To assist you in filtering you will come across breast size and Has Shown Bush to enable you locate your favorite chick and celeb.The images of the beauties are accompanied with star ratings and links to their respective clips or pics.Whatever the title page says, the Movies and TV area will give you the corresponding clips and scenes and you will be able to choose either to stream or download them. There is also a player screen that pops up together with plenty of options.

The pics and clips page also functions in the same way and here you will have access to 1,567 index pages with 1,045 movie/TV pages to go through. The original videos and playlists area s resemble a YouTube site and have categories and links to clips that you can download or stream. You can do all this by using the same search and interactive choices. Quality varies depending on where the clip was obtained from, but be rest assured that that they try to only have the best clips availed to you. The clips can be downloaded in high or lower quality versions while the images are a blend of screen caps and digital stills and come in magnificent quality. You will have access to more than 50,000 clips and over 175,000 personal images from more than 20,000 celebrities on Mr Skin.

The only disadvantage notable is that some clips can be relatively short compared to twistys, but all in all, the site is great and really entertaining and obtaining Mr Skin membership is 100% worthwhile.

Reality Kings Discount

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Phenomenal is definitely the apt word to describe Reality Kings. Also, words like variety, quality, stunning, and satisfactory come to mind when discussing this porn network. How has Reality Kings been able to achieve such high praise? By being among the elite porn networks on the internet.

Exclusive and daily updates of the thirty seven sites featured on the network means that you (as a member) get to watch and enjoy quality porn. Regardless of how many scenes you chew up in a day, you will always have something to watch and marvel at on this network.

6000+ mesmerizing models acting in 7600+ scenes will keep you well stocked with material to “stroke off to.” The porn niche covered by the movies range from anal, blowjobs, POV, orgies, solo, amateur, reality porn, etc. Also, there are 7600+ picture sets in High Resolution image quality. Members get Zip file format available for downloads. The movies formats (mpeg, mp4, wmv, flash,) ensure that viewers have no problems “watching while wanking of to” the High Def content.

Bookmark the movie scenes that captivate your attention, use the menu bar to browse for content easily, experience Live Camera shows, or make use of the countless features offered by the porn sites on Reality Kings network. Be sure to also bookmark our twistys discount as it is a close comparable to the Reality Kings network.

“Do as thy heart’s desires command!” since Reality Kings has everything you need. Once you decide to jump on the bandwagon, you will be flooded with porn content that is creative, stunning, and sensual.

Round And Brown, Big Tits Boss, Mega Cock Cravers, Milf Hunters, Money Talks, are just some of the sites available on this network. Judging by the vivid names of 37 best adult sites that the network has, it is only logical to conclude that there are very few porn niches that Reality Kings does not cover!

Reality Kings defines and owns the title “Mega Porn Site.” It can be said, they write the rules that other lesser porn sites and networks follow. Passing up the opportunity to become a member on this network is simply unacceptable and downright ridiculous!

Twistys Discount

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Initially started as a site dedicated to sizzling models posing, touching, kissing and masturbating, Twistys has grown and matured tremendously over the past couple of years. The site is viewed by many critics as “THE HOTSPOT” for the most tantalizing beautiful ladies known to man.

The site has developed from its restrictive categories and now includes hardcore sex scenes guaranteed to make muscles hard and desires boil over! Twistys hardcore porn section is a marvel to look at. It is updated with fourteen scenes every month making sure the content is fresh and entertaining. Membership to this site gives you access to High Resolution content, which has been specifically produced for the site. You also get seven more porn sites on the Twistys network and when compared to the reality kings discount also on our site, it’s a value for sure. There is also an “Advance Find” option for searching content you desire.

The pictures gallery is full of High Resolution 1600 by 1066p pictures. If you want to download them, simply use the zip file option. If you want to stream and watch, use the thumbnail gallery. In total there are 16620+ picture sets waiting for your lustful eyes!

Movie options are also not limited with video files ranging from mp4, mov, wmv, and flv. The videos, movies, and clips can be streamed in High Def quality or downloaded. The fast servers that host Twistys ensure that data is exchanged at high speeds so that you can enjoy what Twistys babes love to do, show off their sexual skills! Enjoy up to 6400+ movies on the site at your leisure.

Navigation on the adult site is not a problem. You can easily sort the content according to criteria like latest scenes, updates, and top models. Catch a sneak preview of things to come on the “Coming Soon Section” or check out the featured Twistys babe of the month. The models page gives you a rundown of beautiful ladies smiling with naughty mischief, enticing you to “click on me!”

True quality content that is exclusive cannot be faked. This site is all about quality, stimulating, and well made content. Twistys Hardcore, High Grade content is worth your time and money. Waste not a minute more, join Twistys today!